Friday, 29 June 2012

Bushwalking - South Australia - Mt Remarkable

While only a relatively small national park, locals consider this to be an important area as it is one of the few areas of natural bushland left in the southern Flinders Ranges. Another important fact about the park is that it sits on the boundary between the arid north and the wetter south and contains flora and fauna from both regions. This means the park is botanically rich and varied.

Most visit the park on one day walks and indeed it is possible to visit any place within the park on a day walk. To see all of the park takes longer, and an overnight walk following a figure eight circuit enables the walker to visit all of the gorges and major features. While there are no really spectacular sights within the park, the combination of rocky gorges, interesting flowers and plants, inquisitive animals (the emus can actually be a nuisance) and views across the rolling hills make walking here interesting. All of the tracks are clearly defined and easy to walk along.

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